hard drive history

finding the formula: ide as we know it

Quantum LPS-127AT

Photo: Red Hill.

Quantum LPS-127AT

Most 130MB drives were pretty good, and these were no exception. Like Western Digital, Quantum was making a name for itself in the early nineties with a succession of excellent drives. One way or another we never seemed to buy as many of them as we might have done, but this was nothing to do with the drives themselves, just a matter of dealing with different distributors.

Notice the diagonal paper label added by the original owner and stuck on with tape. Quantum drives, for all their many virtues, were always difficult to tell apart and awkward to work with because of habitually inadequate factory labelling, and it was common to see third-party labels stuck on Quantum drives by OEMs or IT departments.

Data rate28 Mbit/secSpin rate3600 RPM
Seek time14msBuffer
Platter capacity64MBInterfaceIDE mode 0
ActuatorVoice coilForm3½" 1/3 height>
LPS-127AT128MB4 thin-film heads