hard drive history

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Maxtor 7213A

Photo: Red Hill.

Maxtor 7345A

Just about the last of the great Maxtor drives before the quality dropped off in the mid-nineties.

This was one of the biggest IDE hard drives in the world when it first came out, and in our view one of the best. We sold quite a number of them.

The 7345A was a beautifully finished product that oozed quality; visibly different to Maxtor's tacky-looking drives of a few years later, and (we always thought) indicative of the care that went into making it.

Illustration: the handsome Maxtor 7213A with a contemporary 386SX-33 mainboard. The 7345A looked almost identical.

Data rate30 Mbit/secSpin rate3551 RPM
Seek time14msBuffer
Platter capacity172MBInterfaceIDE
Actuatorvoice coilForm3½" 1/3 height>
7345A345MB4 thin-film heads**