hard drive history

finding the formula: ide as we know it

Seagate ST3243A

Photo: Red Hill.

Seagate ST3243A

It was not as common on the market as drives of about this size from Western Digital (212MB), Conner (210MB), and Maxtor (213MB), but the Seagate 214MB unit was a good drive. In those days, we used to think that an extra 2MB was worth having!

We sold a few of these new, a few more of the Conner, quite a number of the Western Digital and absolute bucket loads of the Maxtor. I'm not sure that there was really all that much to chose between any of them in the final analysis, they all went well.

Data rate21.1 Mbit/secSpin rate3811 RPM
Seek time16msBuffer
Platter capacity106.8MBInterfaceIDE
Actuatorvoice coilForm3½" 1/3 height>
ST3243A213.9MB4 thin-film heads**