hard drive history

revolutions: 3600 > 4500 > 7200 rpm

Seagate Decathlon 545

The ST5660A was the first Decathlon, a name that would become famous not too much later on. As with all the Decathlon drives, it came in an unusual, slim-line form — but unlike its younger, bigger brothers it was a 4500 RPM unit. Nevertheless, it was noticeably faster than other drives available at the time. Notice the first digit of the model number. As always with Seagate drives, the first digit designates the form factor. In this case, the "5" indicates a 3.5 inch slimline drive, where a "3" is a standard half or third-height unit, a "4" a full-height 5.25 inch drive, and so on.

Data rate48 Mbit/secSpin rate4500 RPM
Seek time12msBuffer256k
Platter capacity273MBEncodingRLL
Form3½ slimlineInterfaceIDE mode 3
ST-5660A545.5MB4 thin film heads**