hard drive history

2000: sea change

This drive will self-destruct in five minutes

Photo: Red Hill.

Quantum Fireball LCT 10

On release, the LCT 10 family of drives seemed very similar to the original Fireball LCT 8. Capacity was a little higher, but otherwise there was nothing much to notice.

However, the Fireball LCT 10 did not last well. Over the next few years, we saw a remarkable number of failed LCTs come into the workshop, always with the same fault: a burnt-out chip on the circuit board. It was always the same chip, and it was always immediately visible: a good old-fashioned let-the-smoke-out sort of failure.

We sold only a handful of LCT 10s as new drives, but they were quite common on the market and we often saw them in third-party systems.

Illustration: a burnt-out LCT 10 circuit board: it was always the same chip that failed.

Data rate297 Mbit/secSpin rate5400 RPM
Seek time8.9msBuffer512k
Platter capacity10.2GBInterfaceATA-66
Read channelPRMLHead technologyMR
5.15.1GB1 head*
10.210.2GB2 heads
1515GB3 heads
20.420.4GB4 heads
30.030.0GB6 heads