hard drive history

2000: sea change

Samsung SpinPoint V30

Photo: Red Hill.

Samsung SpinPoint V30

Sometimes boring is good. These looked the same as the V2040, performed more-or-less the same, were just as quiet, and just as reliable. The size went up and the price went down, nothing else changed. This is the sort of boredom we love!

Notice the odd-ball sizing: with 30GB/platter you have a maximum of 15GB available per head. The cost to manufacture the 20GB version, in other words, was exactly the same as that of the 30GB unit! This artificial reduction of the capacity of the drive would have been unthinkable a few years previously. Now, with huge capacity attained so routinely, drive manufacturers could afford to waste some of it just to fit into a market niche.

Data rate402 Mbit/secSpin rate5400 RPM
Seek time8.8msBuffer512k
Platter capacity30GBInterfaceATA-100
SV2002H20GB2 GMR head****
SV3002H30GB2 GMR heads*****
SV4003H40GB3 GMR heads***
SV6004H60GB4 GMR heads