hard drive history

1999: maturity

Samsung SV0432

Photo: Red Hill.

Samsung SpinPoint V6800

Another quiet achiever from Samsung, with nothing much bar keen pricing to distinguish it from the crowd. This, of course, is a virtue in anything other than an out and out high-performance drive.

Indeed, the more Samsungs we used, the more they reminded us of the best entry-level Seagate Medalists of old: plenty fast enough, surprisingly cheap, and ultra reliable. In our book, that made them an almost perfect drive.

Sadly, I don't have one to photograph. We were still a bit cautious with Samsung drives back then so we only sold a modest number of V6800s and, as it happens, none of them ended up in the workshop at the end of their working life. The illustration is a Spinpoint V4300.

Data rate247 Mbit/secSpin rate5400 RPM
Seek time9.5msBuffer512k
Platter capacity6.8GBInterfaceATA-66
SV0682D6.8GB2 MR heads*
SV1023D10.2GB3 MR heads
SV1364D13.6GB4 MR heads
SV1705D17.0GB5 MR heads
SV2046D20.4GB6 MR heads***