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21st century: big, cheap, bland

Samsung Spinpoint SP2014N

Photo: Red Hill.

Samsung Spinpoint P120 series

We sold plenty of the two very similar Samsung P120 series drives. As expected, they were reasonable performers, astonishingly quiet, and extraordinarily reliable.

Curiously, both drives were four head designs: the 250GB model squeezing a little more data onto each platter.

Data rate973 Mbit/secSpin rate7200 RPM
Seek time8.9msBuffer8MB
Platter capacity100GBInterfaceATA-133 or SATA
SP2014N (IDE)200GB4 heads****
SP2004C (SATA)200GB4 heads**
Platter capacity125GBInterfaceATA-133 or SATA
SP2514N (IDE)250GB4 heads****
SP2504C (SATA)250GB4 heads**