hard drive history

size matters: especially when you can't get it

Quantum Bigfoot 1280AT

Photo: Red Hill.

Quantum Bigfoot

There were four families of the lamentable Bigfoot; this set of three drive models was the first of them.

These unnamed drives — just "Bigfoot" without the usual two-letter suffix — were fairly uncommon on the market. They were big and cheap, but spectacularly slow, and the only volume buyers were the usual suspects — giant vendors of consumer junk.

Illustration: a Bigfoot 1280AT out of a Compaq consumer box.

A separate page provides background on the Bigfoot principle and considers its strengths and weaknesses.

Performance0.79Reliabilityno data
Data rate84 Mbit/secSpin rate3600 RPM
Seek time15.5msBuffer128k
Platter capacity1.28GBEncodingPRML
Form5¼ inch, quarter or third heightInterfaceIDE mode 4
1280AT1.28GB2 thin film heads
2110AT2.1GB4 thin film heads
2.5AT2.57GB4 thin film heads